Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) gets simplified with NCG! In recent times, mobility has become more than enterprise e-mails and sharing of virtual data. A rapid increase in the usage of mobile applications & technologies has grown immensely. This has resulted in a drastic change in the modus operandi of companies established in the present era. NCG aims to bring a comprehensive Enterprise mobility for its clientele by suggesting & installing the best business models for mobile implementation that will help them make & execute effective business decisions


Distributed Agile Development

The major challenge faced with Agile Development today is using it in a distributed team environment. At the same time, a collaborative effort of each business person is important for a successful execution of the specific business project. We build software with timely intervention of experts & Quality Assurance at each step of the development process. This also supplements our aim of the highest 'Client Satisfaction'. Our Agile Development process is carried by keeping in focus the ease of our Clients as a result of improve collaboration between co-located teams.


Web Applications

Web applications have now smartly replaced the traditional method of doing business. Combined with the simplicity of developing web applications, they also promise being user friendly & beneficial to the user as they hold a better User Interface. We develop web applications ensuring User Interface of a high performance which eliminates complexities experienced at User standpoint.


Internet of Things

Multiplication of connectable devices & the growing need of people wanting to connect remotely has revolutionized & penetrated deep into all walks of our lives. Your business can gain an edge over your competitors by employing our IoT enabled solutions, after we gain an insight based systematic understanding of your business needs & answering the challenged faced for the same.


Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is one of those latest technologies that has caught great attention from the ones who aspire to grow their business to extreme heights. Being a unique concept in its kind, Augmented Reality can help transform your Business results through creating a lasting user experience. NCG caters to both- Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality needs to achieve your goals by enhancing user experiences. NCG Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality solutions are designed & developed after a concrete study of clients goals matched with User experience.