Our Augmented Reality Expertise

•  Consulting and Strategy Development – Industry strategists have a view that Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology trend that is about to explode. We at NCG can always assist you if you are not sure on how to initiate with Augmented Reality. We will answer all your AR queries and showcase you how AR can drive business opportunities for your company. Our consultation session will assist your company brand to make the most of the innovative reality.


•  Application Development – The best benefit of Augmented Reality is that it can happen anywhere and anytime. The AR apps developed by NCG enables to engage and interact with the real-world people as well as professionals in completely innovative ways. With us, your next mesmerizing brand experience is right across the corner.


•  Marketing and Branding – Take your marketing and branding ahead of reality with a superior Augmented Reality experience. AR enables you to connect your audience unswervingly from your marketing to your direct point of sale. It is the best way to link with your targeted audience wherever they are present.


•  Product Visualization – Product visualization is one of the trendy stuff wherein you can try products before you decide to buy them in this digital age. It enables a way to put launch your product virtually and put them into your prospect’s hands. We will deliver a superior product visualization app that will display your products in an original, fresh and engaging way.


Augmented Reality Solutions for Diverse Industries

•  Augmented Reality for Events – NCG can bring anything to life through AR solutions. We help our clients to showcase their products virtually bringing them right to their exhibition stand, and keep their targeted audience completely engaged. If you want to make over the approach that people experience your services and products then an AR event is the precise solution for you and your business.


•  Augmented Reality for Fashion – Augmented Reality is all set to transform the fashion industry. The introduction of new technology platforms for augmented reality has lined up the way on iPads, iPhones and bringing the same to Android. NCG develops Augmented Reality fashion application which can enable retailers to display fashion brands in an interactive and organized way.


•  Augmented Reality for Restaurants – The restaurant brands are recognizing the requirements of interacting with their customers more effectively, and one technology that has been on the perspective now for a few years is augmented reality. Restaurants are benefiting from AR applications by enabling AR Food Menus, enhancing customer experiences and engagement, identifying customer preferences, searching niche customers, marketing, branding and advertising.


•  Augmented Reality for Print Media – Newspapers, Magazines, flyers and all print media sources sometimes run out of space when passing on a message to the potential readers. With Augmented Reality technology platforms, supplementary content and required insights can be added through videos, images and text. With the knack to produce additional content on the fly, publishers can target explicit users in specific demographics. In this digital and publishing ecosystem, with AR NCG is transforming the way organizations can run their print campaigns.