Branding Strategy

Brand strategy being the long-term plan for the development of a successful business requires achieving of specific goals. We at NCG aim to develop a perfect blend of online and offline strategies to help the client build credibility and potential in the market. From creating Brand Identity to Brand positioning., UI/UX led creative plan, focussed content generation, creating customer interaction touch points is important. NCG team has the potential to chalk out strategy which will help the client achieve their business goals by boosting brand recognition.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most important medium to hear customer perspectives , reach maximum audience while being an effective communication channel. With the right social media strategy, NCG helps you better connect your brand with its targeted audience. Having the pulse of the various social media platforms in our hand we can help you utilize Social media in the best possible and effective way. Our team is well-versed towards all techniques of Social Media from Carpet bombing to Gentle Addictive Approach, that helps you increase ROI through Social Media


Search Engine Strategy

Having a website online is just the tip of the digital iceberg. Bringing traffic consistently to it and converting visitors to customers is the real deal. Our search engine optimization team aims to secure improved search rankings for our clients, while also keeping their bottom line a top priority. Our main objective is to make the brand stand out in the ever growing pool of websites and other digital marketing channels. Our expert team strives to improve Company's Page Ranking by their constant effort which expands from learning about the clients business website and competitors to site improvements and suggestions, which follows Defining potential target keywords based on business goals to realtime implementation of offline and online strategies.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing traffic to business website requires big effort. By Conversion rate optimization activities, we help you increase the percentage of visitors who can convert to be your next customers. For this , we chanelize the heavy flow of open traffic through well-defined steps that include the funnel of landing pages with a clear and concise messages, increase in quality and effective call to action, elimination of distractive content and images etc to real and authentic customers.


Email Marketing Strategy

The goal of an email is to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your site. We design the mailers keeping in mind the email recipient and their preferences which help increase click-through rates and overall conversion.

The optimal time and frequency of mailers are determined well in advance to generate higher percentage of open rate. Moreover, thorough analysis of the campaign analytics report is done to extract click-through behaviour details of the recipients and strategize accordingly.