GPE EXPO Case Study



A leading organizer of events in the field of Pharma for major players of the industry achieved a huge spread in the awareness of their upcoming events through thoughtful planning & utilization of Social media


About the Organization

The Company is known for organizing events on a very large scale where major players across the globe join in. It becomes a single place where exhibitors, sellers, and buyers across the world meet. The exhibitions hence become an opportunity for all individuals to realize & expand their business potential.



  • Businesses participating (exhibitors and visitors) from different parts of the world calls for efficient maintaining of the exhaustive customer profiles.
  • To develop an online presence of an established company having high reputation was one difficult task while bringing uniformity in their offline as well as online reputation was other.
  • The Company organizes events where businesses can connect locally as well globally. They wanted to communicate this profitable cause which lies behind their activities to reach maximum people possible.


Our Approach

  • We took a very different approach for 'Marketing & Promotion' of the events organized by this Company.
  • After going through a discussion with them, we decided to redesign their website, update their Social media pages by first finalizing an effective content strategy.
  • We made sure to create Face book pages for their upcoming events to invite fresh prospects every time. Also, this gives the visitors an ease to register themselves in prior.
  • When their events underway, we execute plenty of activities such as live coverage of the event with the view of media, road show for every event, distribution of vouchers during the time of registration & many other marketing activities.
  • Considering the fact that customer interactions have shifted to the digital realm, we developed an interactive mobile application that facilitates a two-way communication during the event.
  • The venue of the event gets installed with RFID & innovative geographical applications such as Apple's iBeacon to enhance visitors experience by sharing with them information related to their particular location.



The Brand awareness of this prominent organizer of pharma events entirely changed with executing the marketing efforts in collaboration with the company. Their events received larger number of footfalls, which gave a boost in lead generation. Impressions & visits on social media have drastically increased after they marked their digital presence.